Friday, September 6, 2013

Anniversary Special

This is a special edition of Conversations tonight. The hubs and I are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary. I know... this blog should have WAY more posts for 4 years of marriage. But with our schedules, this means that we saw each other 2 times today and literally spent less than 2 hours combined. ::sad face:: But we're a strong couple so this didn't get us too down. We just make the most of it.

Part 1

Husband: I got something for you.
Me: Yeah? Awe, flowers! They're purple, I love them. They're beautiful!
Husband: Like you.
Me: Thank you. And my card matches my flowers!
Husband: I know you like matching things.
Me: I do, indeed. Thank you.
Husband: And I got you some wine so I could get lucky later.
Me: Nice transition there.

Part 2

Husband: My Dad called to wish us a happy anniversary.
Me: Awe, that's sweet of him.
Husband: Yeah, I know. He said he felt bad because he had been planning on getting us something.
Me: Why?
Husband: I know. I told him "we don't even get each other anything. You don't have to get us anything either."
Me: Haha! It's true though. You got me flowers and I love flowers. I made you a kick-ass dinner because you love food.
Husband: Yeah, it was GOOD!
Me: That's what works for us.

Part 3



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